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2 March
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Hello!!! First, my native language is Spanish therefore mistakes are expected.

I'm a full time Journalism student, before that I studied Social Communication in a technical college and right after I graduate I moved to Santiago and started my current degree course. I also spend two years studying English and hopefully next year I’ll come back to keep learning.
Right now I’m working in my seminar and I don't have much time for social life. I spend most of my time writing, traveling, reading, studying.

I'm a huge fan of Supernatural and my love for the winchester brothers has no limits. according to me Eric Kripke is a freaking genius and we all should love him and hate him for it. you know, we all love the man, except when he toy with us or laugh at us xDDDDDD

And also i love Criminal Minds... I'm in love with Spencer Reid!!!

I like gossip girl too. maybe I should become a CW fan xDD I watch a lot of TV series and I have to confess that I love American idol xDDDD
Also I have an undying love for Nightwing and Batman. Every time I can I watch the Justice League, Teen Titans and of course every single thing that is related to the dark lord of the night.

And since a few years ago I was turn to the dark side and now I’m a very obsessive and eager Johnny’s fan. My top 3 favorite Johnny’s are Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN, the green eito Ohkura Tadayoshi, and NewS's Kato Shigeaki.
Basically I like all Johnny’s but arashi. I know… and I’m really sorry but you won't find anything related to arashi in this journal unless hell freeze over and Kame ask me to marry him.

I guess that's all I have to say for now xDDD
most of my entries are friends locked 'cause I talk about my life a lot but my translations and comments about the different fandoms I like are public, and I usually friend people back ^^

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